Maths Starter Bundle


Available for immediate download:

This starter bundle pack is the most cost-effective way of getting started with our papers: 600 questions in each bundle covering the entire 11+ Maths syllabus

Contains Maths Packs 1 – 3

There are 12 papers in total, each consisting of 50 questions

Best suited for GL Exam Preparation.

Also suitable for CSSE and other grammar schools given the similarity in the Maths syllabus.

You will receive this bundle immediately via email.

Complete the paper with pencil just like the real 11+ exams, and then download our app to automatically mark your answers by taking a picture.

Every question comes with detailed video solutions as answers alone are not enough. Identify mistakes, learn new methods, and improve scores.

(Note to subscribers: This pack contains Subscription Papers 1-8)

Exam Happy subscribers benefit from video solutions,  live rankings and development needs.

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