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A video solution for every question

Hear from parents like you

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Questions are very varied and good for practice. My daughter benefited with the material. Better than tutoring agencies.
Fantastic futuristic App!
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Superb app so easy to use. I love the fact you can upload the results and it automatically marks it for you fabulous!
Useful app
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It's a very useful app for 11 plus prep. It takes the students out of their comfort zone and encourage them to think out of the box. Their video solutions are explained in detail and their marking paper feature is very handy and time saving.
Samaira Q
Excellent app and useful. Very Happy.
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I am so happy I subscribed with Exam Happy. The exam papers and weekly work really helped me prepare my daughter for her 11+ exam. The best feature is scanning the paper and it marks it on the app! With helpful tutorial videos for children to understand where they went wrong. Couldn’t recommend this app enough!
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Excellent app - so helpful to have the links to explain wrong answers. So helpful to see the performance compared to peers too. Thanks so much.
Excellent app
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My son did some of the content in this app and it’s very good. The rankings helped his confidence and gave him a marker as to how he was doing and the explanations of incorrect questions were great. Highly recommend.
Juhi F
Excellent 11+ resource
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Highly recommend their papers and their service. Their app is superb as it provides detailed feedback and comparative results and video explanations which is really helpful. Thanks Exam happy for coming up with such a unique way of technology usage.
Great experience
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My son really likes doing the papers. Even that he is in higher set the papers are still very challenging. He loves to go to the app and mark his papers as he can listen to the video and learn about his mistakes. We always get feedback straight away when we need help. Exam happy is highly recommended.


When will I receive the worksheets?

Worksheets are sent on Fridays at 4pm and will cycle across all 11+ subjects e.g. Week 1: Maths, Week 2: English, Week 3: Verbal, Week 4: Non-Verbal / Spatial … and repeat!

Don’t forget – video solutions are a subscriber-only feature, so your child will also benefit from hours of expert 11+ teaching!

Is this for Year 4 or Year 5 students?

Our 11+ worksheets cleverly increase in difficulty across the year, so they get harder towards the big 11+ exam day.

We recommend the worksheets to year 5 students and confident year 4s.

How does my child complete the paper?

Ask your child to mark on the answer sheet which comes with each worksheet – just like the actual exam.

After, simply take a photo through the app, and our smart algorithm will mark the paper – like magic!

What exam format is the subscription for?

This subscription is best suited for schools following the GL Assessment format – our papers provide a realistic experience of the 11+ exam so that your child will be ready for the big day.

Due to similarities in the Maths & English syllabus across exam boards, our exam papers are also suitable for CSSE and other grammar schools.

How do I mark the paper?

To mark the paper – use our app! Simply take a photo to access marks, rankings and video solutions.

Do you standardise marks based on age?

Yes! We use the same formulas and algorithms used by Grammar / Private  schools to provide you with an age standardised score so you have a better idea of your child’s 11+ Exam performance.

Save £150/month compared to traditional tutoring

*Based on 2 hours a week of Exam Happy usage (we think the savings are actually much higher!)

Gain time and peace of mind whilst maximising 11+ exam success

Created by expert tutors

All our 11+ papers and video solutions are created by expert tutors who have attended grammar schools and gone through the process themselves

A genuine edge

Our tech learns your child’s strengths and weakness faster than tutors, uses data from 1000s of students to identify the most challenging questions, and gives you real-time pass mark intel and peer benchmarks

Save time

Take a picture using the Exam Happy app to automatically mark your child’s 11+ exam papers, and review mistakes and video solutions in the comfort of your own time

30 day money back guarantee

We don’t think you’d want to cancel so we’ve made doing so as easy as possible: no contracts, no hassle, and no questions asked

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